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The Thursday Thinker

Maybe Eriq Zavaleta is your pick?
Maybe Eriq Zavaleta is your pick?
Joe Robbins

We talked about football last week, so let's talk about football this week. No, the other football. Futbol, if you will. With World Cup fever ramping up in Brazil, and the US Open Cup also in full swing, now seems like nearly the perfect time for today's Thinker.

And that Thinker is: Who is your favorite IU soccer player/coach of all-time?

Now, since I decided to include coaches in this, instead of just making it players as I had initially thought, I'm going to declare Jerry Yeagley off limits, because if I didn't, he'd be really hard to pick against. He's done so much for the program, they named the field after him. Suffice to say, he's awesome.

Now, while the obvious pick has been taken off the table, there's still quite a few good choices out there. I can't wait to see what people who have much more knowledge of IU Soccer than I decide upon for this Thinker. I would probably have to say current assistant coach and former player Brian Maisonneuve is my favorite, but that has a lot to do with me also being a fan of the Columbus Crew and him being a former member of that team as well.

So, who do you pick? Who is your favorite IU soccer player/coach of all-time?