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The Thursday Thinker

After a week off, the Thinker is back!

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

As you may have noticed, the Thinker took last week off. This was because I was still depressed about the baseball team I had a premonition that Tre was transferring I just kind of forgot to write one. I believe I've fixed that particular problem for now, so we are back!

And since we are back, it's time to Think. Going a little bit off of the recent trend of picking all-time teams, I'm going to give you a question that will hopefully spur some good conversation, and probably make you use Google for at least a few people.

This week's question: Who would you start for the all-time Indiana football team?

What I'm looking for is reasonably simple to explain: give me a starting offense, defense, punter, placekicker, and coach. Actually coming up with all those names individually might be tough, so I'll accept entire squads where applicable. If you'd like to run all the numbers and come up with a complete team of individuals, though, I certainly won't stop you, and you will get extra credit for the effort.

I'm very curious to see who you all pick for these. Though something tells me Bill Lynch won't get a lot of votes for the coach of this team.

One more time, that question: Who would you start for the all-time Indiana football team? And.....go!