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Cody Latimer's Second Round Prospects

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Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

So Cody didn't get to hear his name called on day 1 of the NFL draft. So where do we think he's going to fall when his name is eventually called? If I were a betting man I would say it would be pretty early. There are about 10-12 teams still out there that could use some help at WR and Cody's hot on everyone's radar as someone that can come in and contribute immediately with a chance at raising his ceiling of play some.

I'd say first on the list of possibilities is Cleveland with the 3rd pick of the second round. They have approximately 1 million picks in this draft and of the receivers left on the board, the "home state" guy from Ohio makes a lot of sense. If Latimer goes to Cleveland to pair up with Josh Gordon catching passes from Johnny Manziel he could see a lot of love in the media for some potential all-rookie numbers next season. No one will be able to pay him a whole lot of attention with Gordon on the other side, meaning that Latimer can use his size and strength to exploit one on one match-ups.

The Jaguars are another option 4 picks later at #39. Justin Blackmon is an idiot and the Jaguars aren't expecting him to come back from suspension this season. Meaning they're desperate to get some help at WR. Personally, being a Colts fan and a realist, I think this would disastrous for Latimer's career. The Jaguars are all sorts of inept as a franchise. They can't figure out what they're doing from week to week and Latimer would likely be expected to pull a lot of weight right off the bat. Couple that with the 50/50 of whether Blake Bortles is throwing you the ball of for some unknown crazy decision by their front office the QB is Chad Henne, I'd be pretty disappointed to see Latimer end up in Jacksonville.

I know the Giants and Bills already took WRs in the first round, but they're not completely out of the water yet with their receiving corps. I could see both squads taking a runner on Latimer as insurance for their first round picks. The way the NFL works anymore you can't ever have too many WRs. They seem to drop like flies as the season goes on. With someone as big and physical as Latimer, you can trust that he can stay healthier a little better than most. For the Bills especially you think Latimer has to be attractive. EJ Manuel and Tre Roberson aren't all that different in styles of play. Latimer knows how to keep attacking the secondary as the QB uses his legs to keep the play alive.

Overall, I'd be surprised to see him fall beyond the first 10 picks in the second round, but you never know with these things. Some other squads that may take a lunge for him would be Miami, Green Bay, San Francisco and Seattle. I still think Seattle is a very likely one. They traded away their 1st round pick last night and are sitting at 40 and 64 in the second round. They still need weapons on the outside to go with Russell Wilson and Latimer could be their guy.

As always though, we'll continue to sit and watch as we see whether our favorite Hoosier winds up on our least favorite team. I know that's what I'm afraid of. If Latimer ends up with the Jags or Titans I may just puke.