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NFL Draft Open Thread

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Will Cody Latimer get drafted tonight? And who from IU could go in later rounds? Stay tuned.

Nice candy striped arm sleeve
Nice candy striped arm sleeve
Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Spor

Right now we're T-minus two hours away from the NFL Draft. This has been the longest buildup ever to draft day, since it got pushed back from its usual late April date to early May. However, this pushback has benefited IU's own Cody Latimer, as he has risen up draft boards during this time. Latimer even got the invite to Radio City for the draft, meaning the NFL thinks he has a good chance of being selected tonight. Mock drafts have taken notice of him as well - Peter King has Latimer going 30th to the Niners. I'd love to see Latimer catching passes from Colin Kaepernick, and Niners GM Trent Baalke has a solid draft record. However, I am primarily a Philadelphia Eagles fan (since my family is from that area), so if Latimer goes to Philly, I could see him contributing in Chip Kelly's offense right away, since Kelly has a similar style spread offense as Kevin Wilson.

As for the local pro team, they have no first-round picks because of the Trent Richardson trade with Cleveland last season. So tonight should be quiet for the Colts, unless Ryan Grigson has other tricks up his sleeve.

So, will Latimer become the first IU player to be picked in the first round since Thomas Lewis in 1994? Feel free to add your comments here as the night - and the weekend - goes on, since as AJ described yesterday, we have other players (have you met Ted?) who could be picked in later rounds.