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Thursday Thinker

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Presenting the hypotheticals that I find interesting.

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Today's Thinker comes without much preamble, because I didn't really know how to lead into this. So, your question for this week: What one school do you want to see IU play in a sport where they don't traditionally play?

Now, before everyone, their brother, and their best friend jumps on here and says "Kentucky in basketball", despite not playing the last couple years, and not likely to be playing anytime soon, IU has 'traditionally' played Kentucky in basketball, so I'm ruling them out for purposes of this question. Think a little harder please.

My answer is both surprising and a little bit cheating, but it's my column, so deal with it. I really want to see IU play Nebraska in football. Eventually, I will see it happen (unless B1G expansion keeps marching on, and our game keeps getting pushed back), but it's one game I've just never seen that I really want to experience in some way. Nebraska has the aura of being a traditional football power, but not one that has piled up crushing victories against us lately, and not one that has played against the Hoosiers in a good long time (last meeting between IU and Nebraska football: 1978). Why I want to see this game played is mostly just for cool factor; Big Red vs. Big Red, football power vs. upstart, team I saw on TV a lot when I was growing up vs. team I root for. Though, if there's one positive to us not having played this game in a while, it's this: we hold the advantage in all-time record vs. the Huskers. No, really (9-7-3). So, even when this game does get played, we're likely to hold onto that advantage for at least one year past the resumption of consistent hostilities. Maybe more, if Indiana football finally turns the corner and stays turned. And, you know, making fun of Nebraska fans over on OTE. That helps too.

So, now it's your turn. The question again: What one school do you want to see IU play in a sport where they don't traditionally play? Remember, no Kentucky basketball. Any sport (that IU has), any school (that IU normally doesn't play). Have at it.