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Pick your Hoosier Basketball Starting Five for $15

A fun game that's making its way around the SBnation community: how would you pick your starting five players for Hoosier Basketball?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So, there's this game that is making its way around the college blogs, wherein you can pick your starting five for your basketball team. However, you only have $15 to "spend", so you have to pick wisely.

I thought it'd be fun, but man, looking through Hoosier basketball history is an embarrassment of riches, so I'm limiting this game to merely the last 40 years. Sorry, Walt Bellamy, Don Schlundt, George McGinnis, Jimmy Rayl, and Slick Leonard fans - most of us in this community were probably not old enough to lay eyes on you when you played for Indiana. So, 1975-onward edition:

Price Power Forward Small Forward Center Scoring Guard Point Guard
$5 Alan Henderson Calbert Cheaney Kent Benson Steve Alford Isiah Thomas
$4 Jared Jeffries Mike Woodson Cody Zeller Jay Edwards Quinn Buckner
$3 Scott May Ted Kitchel DJ White Eric Gordon Damon Bailey
$2 Brian Evans Victor Oladipo Dean Garrett AJ Guyton Keith Smart
$1 Ray Tolbert Steve Green Kirk Haston Randy Wittman Tom Coverdale

Pick your team in the comments below. I'll note that it was hard to leave off guys like Eric Anderson, Dane Fife, Christian Watford, and John Laskowski, but I just tried to balance team success, individual achievement, and defense against what I anticipated to be player popularity.

Just for right now, I would pick Alan Henderson, Cal Cheaney, Dean Garrett, AJ Guyton, and Tom Coverdale. Hmmm. Ask me again tomorrow, I'll probably have a different answer!