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The Thursday Thinker

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I'll admit, I almost forgot to write this article for today. Good thing I remembered, because I know how much everyone loves responding to these.

Anyway, since this is being written on a time crunch, I won't waste everyone's time with a fancy setup leading into the question. Your Thursday Thinker question is: What is the best memory of IU sports you have?

I have had a few cool IU sports related moments during my life, like getting to hold the Old Oaken Bucket, seeing men's soccer win their 8th national championship, and maybe a few other basketball highlights:

But, as you might expect, the best moment was a certain Saturday night in November 2011, when the then-#1 team in the country came into Assembly Hall undefeated, and left a little more defeated. Rather than rehash what everyone remembers about that game, thanks in large part to YouTube highlights, I'm going to write a little bit about a few things I've never yet found adequate representations of on the internet.

First off, that was the first time I remember the student section helping sing the National Anthem (the rest of Assembly was probably helping, but it was loud enough that I couldn't really tell). Somehow, that particular part of the game never made it onto the internet anywhere that I can locate it, so if you have seen the video, post it in the comments.

Secondly, the introductions for the game. The booing of the Kentucky player intros was so loud, even the Kentucky bench couldn't hear them happening, and had to be told when to get up. You could not hear yourself think, so I'm not surprised they couldn't hear Chuck Crabb or anyone else.

Finally, running down to the floor from the balcony was crazy. So many people rushing down the stairs, then the ramp, before finally emerging at the side door to join the mass of humanity gathering on McCracken Court. One of the loudest, warmest experiences of my life, and absolutely one of the best.

So, your question one last time: What is the best memory of IU sports you have? Wax nostalgic, everyone.