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Hoosiers Earn #4 National Seed, Regional Field Set

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Thanks to a 42 win season, including a 21-3 conference record, the Hardball Hoosiers have earned the #4 National Seed, meaning that they will not leave Bart Kaufman Field for any tournament game until and if they head to the College World Series in Omaha.


The Hoosiers have accomplished what was surely a goal going into the year: to play well enough in the regular season to guarantee that they'll play all NCAA Tournament games before the College World Series in Bloomington. They'll begin with regional play, a double elimination tournament consisting of four teams and, should they come out on top, they will host a best-of-3 Super Regional, also in Bloomington. If they are victorious, they'll return to Omaha as one of the eight teams in the College World Series.

The national seed is big. If you'll recall, last year the Hoosiers were a regional host but not a national seed. So when they won the Bloomington Regional, they had to go to Tallahassee and play a Super Regional on the road for the right to go to Omaha.

Bloomington Regional:

  • (4) INDIANA
  • Youngstown State
  • Stanford
  • Indiana State

Should they win their regional, they'll play the winner of the Nashville Regional (again, in Bloomington), which is one of the tougher regional draws I've seen during the selection show.

Nashville Regional:

  • Vanderbilt
  • Xavier
  • Clemson
  • Oregon

Vanderbilt pitcher Tyler Beede is one of the best pro prospects pitching in the college game right now, and they'll be the odds-on favorite to advance to out of that group. IU has seen Xavier this season, beating them 2-1 in Bloomington earlier in the year. The Hoosiers will start regional play at 7 PM on Friday, against Youngstown State at the Bart. The first game of the day, Stanford v. Indiana State, will be at 2 PM.