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Thursday Thinker

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As fans, it is our right, nay, our duty, to question and second-guess the decisions being made by the coaches of our favorite teams. It seems so obvious, sitting in the stands or watching from home, that the coach should have done X when he did Y (or in the case of some coaches, cannot stop doing X in all situations, even when Y is clearly a better choice). However, as we also know, coaching is not nearly as easy a task as it sometimes looks (one need look no further than all forms of Indiana basketball this year, college and pro). Keeping all this in mind, let's imagine the following scenario:

Your phone rings. It's IU Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Fred Glass. "I've got a big problem," he says, "every one of our head coaches just walked off the job all at once, and we need coaches for next season at least. Some people recommended you to me, and after checking out all the facts, I think you're our best candidate."

Then, he drops the big question, which conveniently enough is also our Thinker for the week: Which head coaching position do you take?

There are some ground rules for this, of course. Salary won't be a consideration, as that pushes the revenue sports up at the expense of everything else. If you really need to weigh the benefits that much, assume a number that would be enough for you to leave your current job, but not so much that the University would have to take out a mortgage just to pay you. We will also assume that whatever sport you take over, no one will transfer out of or into the program that is not currently there, so don't worry about massive roster turnover. You can assume that the incoming athletes also stick with the program. Finally, assume that the assistant coaches are sticking around, and only the head coaches have walked off. I may be trying to throw you in the deep end, but not that deep. If you need any other clarifications, just say so, and I'll get to them when I see them.

There are pros and cons to picking any of the jobs, of course. Do you take a high pressure, high visibility job, like football or men's basketball? Do you take a job based on sports you may have played in the past? Or do you take a job simply because it sounds like the most fun?

The A.D. and I await you response. All the positions are open, so what will it be? Which head coaching position do you take?