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Vote Dustin DeMuth for the Senior Class Award

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Some of you may know, and some of you may not that it is the official unofficial policy of this blog that fans influencing selections onto all-star teams and the such is dumb. Indiana fans stuffed the ballot box of the Orlando Sentinel's greatest Magic of All-Time to get Oladipo into the finals of their bracket, until the Sentinel said enough and shut it down. Yankees fans always get their starting lineup in as the starting lineup of the All-Star team, etc. It's a dumb way to encourage fan participation, because it is very easy to hi-jack.

That being said, we're going to hi-jack the Senior Class Award. IU fans helped Jordan Hulls win the award two years ago and now we're going to do the same for one of our baseball brothers in arms. Dustin DeMuth is a Hoosier native out of LaPorte and is a key cog in the infield for our Indiana Hoosiers.  A Freshman All-American in his first year, an Academic-All Conference as a sophomore, a Second Team All-American as a junior, and a guy that passed up a couple hundred thousand dollars to come back for one more year at Indiana, DeMuth has been raking for four years in the name of the Hoosiers. It's time he gets what he deserves.

So follow this link and vote. Vote as early and often as you can. You can only vote once per day, but if you clear your cache the website has no clue. So go to the link using Google Chrome, vote, go to settings, advanced, scroll down to privacy, click clear browsing data, check just cached images and files, click clear browsing data and vote again. This process takes about 3 seconds per vote. So like our friends up over in Illinois, vote early, vote often and just plain vote to get Dustin DeMuth the recognition he deserves.