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Breakfast Club: Non-Baseball News Edition

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IU clinched the Big Ten baseball regular season title over the weekend and has its first game in the conference tournament against Iowa on Wednesday. However, baseball dominance isn't the only thing happening with IU athletics right now. Here are some links to some IU and Big Ten stories of interest over the past couple weeks.

All Hail Tevin Coleman
All Hail Tevin Coleman
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

A Stats-Filled Indiana Football Preview. Over at the mothership, Bill Connelly provides a fantastic preview of the upcoming Indiana football season. I personally find the adjusted scores and win-loss records interesting, as it puts our games into perspective over the course of the year (i.e. we may have clobbered Purdue but they had a good performance in comparison to the rest of their dreadful season). Key quote from the article about our new DC, Brian Knorr: "His Demon Deacons ranked 44th in Def. F/+ last year, and let's just say that the No. 44 defense combined with Indiana's offense would win quite a few games. Baby steps first, though."

Mr. Delany Goes to Washington. Recently, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany announced that the conference's basketball tournament would be held in Washington D.C. in 2017. This move is in line with the conference's recent expansion and overtures to the East Coast, and represents a significant departure from the usual Big Ten Tournament locations of Indianapolis and Chicago. This is an especially good deal for Maryland, who will get to have the tournament in its own backyard. Finally, it's a reminder that the East Coast aspect of the B1G is here to stay, especially after Delany recent expressed "no buyer's remorse" for adding Rutgers to the conference. However, I wonder if fans in the Midwest would even be willing to make the trip to the District. If you're a fan of a good team, then why not save your money for a trip to March Madness? And if you root for a team that had a subpar season, then are you really going to travel across half the county to see possibly just one game on a Thursday afternoon?

IU Continues to Excel off the Court. The university did great in Academic Progress Rates, as 15 of the 24 varsity programs posted perfect scores of 1,000. Keep in mind that a team needs to have an APR of 930 or better in order to be eligible for postseason play, and all IU programs exceeded this standard by far. Men's basketball has now received a perfect APR rating for the past four years under coach Tom Crean. Speaking of Crean, he was one of the guests of honor, along with Nick Saban and Mike Brey, at the Dick Vitale Gala, which raised over $2 million for pediatric cancer research over the weekend.

Fred Glass on Noon Edition. On May 2, Fred Glass was the guest on the local NPR station's Friday lunchtime interview program Noon Edition. The hour-long interview with Glass approached several different subjects related to IU athletics, such as Assembly Hall renovations, the challenges student-athletes face, and the passion of Indiana basketball fans. Glass also mentioned his high hopes for both the baseball team and the women's basketball team in the years to come.

Damon Bailey to Assist Butler Women. Hoosier legend Damon Bailey will be joining the coaching staff for the women's team at Butler University. This move comes after Bailey coached the women's basketball team at his alma mater Bedford North Lawrence to a state title this past season. Bailey will be assisting new Butler head coach Kurt Godlevske, who also won a state title with the women's team at BNL the year before Bailey took over.