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What Should Indiana Basketball Do with It's Final Scholarship?


After last night's decision by Josh Cunningham to take the team that has been recruiting him the longest over a field of much higher caliber schools, Indiana is still sitting with one remaining scholarship to give for 2014 and not a lot of guys left on the radar. Indiana's pretty well found the necessary depth needed when they started their end of season search for tall people. Now what should they do with the remaining scholarship?

Of course Tom Crean has a lot of options, but banking it doesn't truly seem to be one. Crean has of course given out the remaining scholarships to walk-ons before, but that feels like it happened ages ago when Danny Moore received a scholarship for his junior year. I can say with almost 100% certainty that the Indiana staff is not going to hold onto that last remaining scholarship. Fortunately, the Hoosiers now have some roster flexibility with the additions of April and Priller.

So what are they going to do? My personal preference at this point would be for the Hoosiers to hold off on any more work until the semester finally ends. You see a lot of 5th year transfers popping up and getting their official releases. Indiana, if they're going to insist on filling the final scholarship spot, should go towards some sort of proven commodity. Preferably one that knows how to rebound. Xavier's Justin Martin could be one of those guys. At 6'6" he's not a bruiser in the post, but he's an Indy native and wing that knows how to grab a rebound. However, Troy Williams is likely to make him skittish about playing time. What we really need is to find another Anthony Lee floating out there.

Indiana is going to have to fight tooth and nail to convince any wing player to show up in Bloomington. As down as everyone is about Indiana basketball, the truth is that the Hoosiers are pretty stacked with talent that stands beyond the arc. The concern is within. So we're going to see some more big men likely popping up. Jeremiah April and Tim Priller aren't additions that are going to contribute at a Big Ten level in year one minus some monumental development over the next four months.

So what do you all think? How should Indiana proceed with their remaining scholarship? Give it to a walk-on? Find a fifth year senior transfer to give it to? Or should they find another freshman to bring aboard? The pickings are slim out there at the moment, but give it some time and more names will arise. However, I'm not certain anything coming up will be a game changer. More than likely for next season, our team is on the court.