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Thursday Thinker

Stand back, I'm about to try a new thing!

Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Spor

It's the offseason for our major sports (except for baseball) and most of IU's big news has already been ably covered this week. That means I get to do crazy things with my weekly article. Last week, I asked what got you all to come visit the Quarry, and that got a good response, so I figured I might try asking the community one big question once a week and see what kind of discussion we can generate. It may not be an every week article, but I'll put them up for as long as people respond to them.

With the Cream and Crimson Spring Game coming up on Saturday, this week's question is What are your expectations for the Spring Game? Feel free to also include your predictions for the upcoming football season, but for the first try with this, I figured a small-picture question with a very open-ended response was best.

I'll kick this off with my thoughts: Obviously, my first hope/expectation is that no serious injuries are suffered during the game. Making it through the game healthy can only be beneficial for the players, and lessens the worries of the coaches as well. Secondly, I expect we shall discover the heir apparent to Cody Latimer's #1 wide receiver slot, and that it might just be Shane Wynn. There are certainly others capable of grabbing the spot, but the ever-explosive Wynn will be getting plenty of touches regardless. Finally, I expect that Brian Knorr's new defense will be under some intense scrutiny from the opening minute. Here's hoping that it passes all the tests and is ready for 2014.

And now it's your turn. What do you expect from the Spring Game?