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Hoosiers Fall at Home: I Hate Suspense Anyway

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Well, at least we don't have to worry at all about the NCAA Tournament anymore. For certain, the only way to be making it now is as an automatic qualifier. That would be pretty sweet but is pretty darn unlikely. Thanks to a dreadful performance by pretty much everybody last night, the Hoosiers have officially signed their death warrant. With no Noah Vonleh again, the Hoosiers just could not find an answer on offense that didn't involve badly missing three point shots.

Last night was another one of those nights where you just dream of still having Jordan Hulls or get excited to bring in the three sharpshooting amigos that will be freshmen next year. Indiana went 5-21 from three point land and Yogi Ferrell alone went 1-10. It was pretty brutal. The worst part of it all? A lot of those shots were pretty wide open. Indiana just could not make a shot. Hell even on two point baskets they were missing more than they should. This team just needs shooters and guys that can finish through contact. On the shooters thing, that just takes practice. On the finishing through contact that takes more strength. Je'Ney Jackson has some work to do this summer.

I guess we could focus on two positives from last night. Troy Williams dropped 18 points in a semi-efficient manner. He had a crazy high 35% usage rate and finished with an ORtg of 105 and 6 rebounds. Overall a pretty good night if he had any other high volume help to go with him. Devin Davis finished with a 142 ORtg and 7 points. So he obviously had a very good night in a limited 15 minutes. Would be great to see him come on as a major contributor next year. But those two were pretty well the only positives from last night.

We could dwell more on negatives like the fact that Walter Pitchford did what he wanted when he wanted last night, but I'm not a masochist. Let's just accept the facts and move on. The Hoosiers will most definitely not be in the NCAA Tournament outside of a miraculous Big Ten Tourney run, but they can still build towards next year. There is no doubt that the Hoosiers will at least be in the NIT and though it doesn't truly count for anything, it's more games. More games are always key when building up a young squad.

Hopefully we can continue to fight and not just flame out the rest of the season. I don't want to go to Ann Arbor and get blasted and I definitely don't want to pull a Kentucky and drop a first round home NIT game. Look for this team to continue to show some fight. It's easy to get up for games when there is something to play for. Let's see if this squad can get up to play when the season is basically over.