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Indiana vs. Nebraska: Game Thread

Here is tonight's game thread. The drink of the game will be a White Russian and we will be focusing on keeping the game atmosphere to as Dude as possible. Please, no un-dudelike actions. We will be sending off Will Sheehey, Taylor Wayer, Jeff Howard and Evan Gordon for senior night and hopefully it can be done in a victorious manner.

The Hoosiers will first need to find a way to slow down Terran Petteway and exploit their size advantage. Last I heard Noah Vonleh is still questionable so it may be up to Hanner Perea to bang down in the post along with Jeremy Hollowell. Sheehey and Stan Robinson will likely team up to try and stop Petteway.

We'll also see if Sheehey can continue his recent tear and Yogi can contribute to play strong right along side of him. Should be a doozy. The winner survives another day on the bubble talk. The loser gets their bubble popped. Let's hope we can bask in the Husker's tears tonight. Go Hoosiers.