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Jeremy Hollowell to Transfer as Well

Well the rumors have been swirling for months now about these two guys particularly. Both Austin Etherington and Jeremy Hollowell are transferring. The much maligned Hollowell has been dealing with a lot of on the court and off the court problems for his entire tenure here at Indiana University. After a sophomore season where he was expected to have to be a major contributor if Indiana were to make some noise, and he failed to live up to that, this is not surprising.

Jeremy started this year in the starting lineup and battled bouts of strong play with twice as long bouts of questionable decisions and inconsistency. Things just never came together for the very talented Indianapolis native. It got to the point where his game really stagnated. About half way through the non-conference season we covered the fact that he was on pace for most Big Ten sophomores that were rated similar to him, but that fell off quickly. He went from an average offensive player at ~100 ORtg to finishing at 92.1. Or only .7 higher than he finished last year. In almost every category we saw Hollowell regress. Shooting dropped, rebounding dropped, assists and turnovers went up but not nearly enough to compensate for the drop in production everywhere else.

You've got to feel bad for the guy because outside of Crean, Hollowell became the scapegoat for this season's struggles. He was not nearly the detriment that many would like to believe, but when everyone has busted out their torches and pitchforks they also need a monster to chase after. Unfortunately, that guy was Hollowell. Crean and Jeremy just never seemed to see eye to eye and that bore out with his three game suspension in the middle of the year.

Going forward, I imagine that plenty of schools will be vying for Hollowell's services. He was one of if not the most naturally gifted players on this team and Crean just never seemed to be able to tap into that. Much like Etherington the repercussions of his departure on next year are uncertain. I truly hope he can find somewhere that fits his personality and allows him to access his potential. Unfortunately, that will not be Bloomington.