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Indiana Hoosiers Don't Even Get an NIT Bid


Well, that's a thing. Can't necessarily complain about this, but it's pretty rough that the Hoosiers didn't get an NIT bid. They're likely to get a CBI offer, which they should in no way accept. Meaning that Indiana's basketball season is officially over. I can certainly imagine this isn't going to go over very well with the Hoosier faithful and IU is going to catch a lot of ridicule from the outside as well.

Tom Crean and company have a whole lot to prove next year as they're looking a very very long off-season of people (fairly or unfairly) questioning absolutely everything about the team. Now I will say that Indiana was the 21st best team in the computer rankings to not make the NCAA Tournament so they should have comfortably been in the NIT, but whatever. That's really not all that important.

Indiana has got to improve on their non-conference schedule next season. We saw how the committee feels about weak non-conference schedules with the snub of SMU from the field, despite their computer numbers. Indiana likely fell to the exact same bias. Pretty much every team that got into the NIT field put out at least some sort of effort in the non-conference while Indiana was busy beating up on Little Mary's of the Poor.

Ultimately, this sucks but it isn't all that shocking. A garbage ending to a garbage season seems only appropriate with the way this year went. Now we can go back to focusing on being a football school. Spring ball is around the corner and Indiana should be looking to drastically improve an awful defense. We should have plenty to talk about as they hit their paces on the gridiron.