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Breakfast Club: Big Ten Tournament, New Uniforms, Big Handsome, and more

Trying to make a Monday morning link roundup a regular feature, and renaming it “Breakfast Club” after the ever-popular pregame event at KOK.

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We play Illinois for a third time this year on Thursday.
We play Illinois for a third time this year on Thursday.
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports
  • Here's your official Big Ten tournament bracket. IU kicks off the Big Ten tournament against Illinois at noon on Thursday, so make sure you have lunch plans. But if this neutral-site game is anything like most of our road games this season, you'll only want to watch the first half anyway. If we do get by the Illini though, I'd be excited about the rubber match against the Wolverines.

  • The Hoosiers will be wearing special Adidas uniforms for the Big Ten tournament. Unlike last year's ostentatious design that the Hoosiers did not take part in, the features on these are more subdued. What does everyone think of the jerseys? Personally, I don't mind them, and think the subtlety is kind of cool. I like the flare and the uniqueness of them, especially for a special event such as a conference tournament. However, I've heard rumblings that some people may not like the added features or design elements. Well if you're in that camp, don't fret, because these uniforms may only make an appearance for a game or two, depending on how we fare in the tourney.

  • Saturday's game recaps from the Michigan angle, courtesy of Maize n Brew and MGoBlog. Looking at the latter's Four Factors chart, it's evident how much turnovers played a factor in our loss, as well as Michigan's ability to get to the line.

  • Inside the Hall had a two-part Q&A with Cody Zeller last week. In the first part, he discusses this year's team and memories of his own career, while in part 2, he discusses life in the NBA. The Bobcats currently sit in seventh place in the Eastern Conference, so Zeller may have a chance to see some playoff minutes this season.

  • Bob Kravitz in the Indy Star sums up the team in a paragraph: "They were too young, chronologically young and young-minded. They didn't have any long-range shooters. They were one of the most turnover prone teams in the country. Their half-court offense was too often stagnant. Chalk this one up as one of IU's more forgettable and frustrating seasons."

  • IU men's soccer will be honored at the White House today for their 2012 national title, along with 18 other NCAA Division I champions from the 2012-13 season. The eighth title seems far removed from the present, especially after the somewhat disappointing 2013 season, but still, it's nice to see the President recognize their accomplishment.