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Hoosiers Take on Home Team Minnesota: Game Thread

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So far the day has gone pretty well for the Hoosiers in matters of the Big Ten standings. Nebraska went out and knocked Northwestern off at home and in the process dropped them to under .500 in the league. So the Hoosiers are within distance of picking up another spot in the standings tonight with a win. Meanwhile the Wolverines continue to show some struggle as they got blasted on the road at Iowa. If there is some semblance of irrationality in your Hoosier fandom you would be happy that Indiana is at least a half game closer of the conference lead, but it probably would be best for the Michigans to continue to pull away as Iowa falls back to the back. But oh well, the Hoosiers have a lot of their own games to worry about before they even consider gunning for a top 3 conference finish.

That starts tonight at 8:15 with the Hoosiers battling a cornered Minnesota. The Gophers need wins in a very bad way. The Hoosiers could probably survive a loss tonight and still finish in the top 6 in the conference. A loss here for Minnesota likely means game over. They'll be locked into a lower half spot. On the flip side, Indiana likely locks in something similar with a win. Right now both squads are bubble teams and seeing that Minnesota does not come back to Bloomington to play this looks like a potential February play in game. Let's hope Indiana comes out with that attitude and can use their top 20 defense to lock up a W.