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B1G recruits, Bigger Expectations

26 talented new Hoosiers are ready to bring Indiana to the top of the East.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday was National Signing Day for college football, and the Hoosiers brought in 26 players ready to take the Cream and Crimson to the next level. What that level is, we can determine later.

Among the new Hoosiers, 6 have already enrolled at IUB. Three are very solid offensive linemen (Delroy Baker, Tim Gardner, and DeAndre Herron). The other three are various degrees of highly touted, from "potential quarterback of the future" in Zander Diamont, to "potential two sport athlete" in Jordan Fuchs, and "next great Indiana wide receiver and 4 star prospect" in Dominique Booth.

While the pre-signers were all about the offense, the defense pulled in the majority of Signing Day folks, racking up 14 letters of intent. The remaining 6 signers include another offensive lineman, three wide receivers, and two running backs.

The full list of names and brief bios and highlight packages, as well as order of signing (if such a thing interests you) on all 26 new Hoosiers are available through the athletic department here.

Feel free to debate who will make the biggest impact in the comments below. All in all, it appears as though we've signed a second very solid class in a row, and Coach Wilson and his staff have the team in the ascendant. Let's hope this positive trend holds for the 2014 season, and beyond.