Crean's "Problem" is that he doesn't recognize that he has a Problem

I saw Crean's reaction to the boos he got when he subbed in 2 walk-ons and 3 subs only 9 minutes into the game against league leading Michigan. He brushed it aside by explaining that he needs to rest players. (Really? so you see nothing wrong with this group of players put into this situation? you expected that they could compete as a group against Michigan and you had no better alternatives on your bench? Your starters all needed rest at the same time? Thety were gassed and could not manage a few more minutes?) I think the average IU fan is knowledgeable enough to know that coaches rest players during games. I have been watching IU basketball very closely since 1975 and I don't recall any player that routinely played 40 minutes per game. The issue is when you rest them all at the same time and what combination of players is left on the floor together in order for them to get those few minutes of rest. Short of foul trouble, illness or sudden transfers to other schools, I don't see how the need arises to rest Yogi, Will and Noah at the same time. Is it so difficult to stgger the timing of rest for your key players? And how much rest do they need - we went too many minutes in the second half with Noah on teh bench despite lack of foul trouble. I have read numerous fans come to Creans defense. They point out we won the game and they make various allowances for him. Some of them have given support to these bench players ability to contribute. Yes I think Jeff Howard can come in and play D and scrap for rebounds for 3 minutes at a time while a starter rests. However when you surround him with other "role" players, then he no longer has the ability to compete. Now there are no players that create openings in the D, now Jeff and other players become primary options instead of 5th options. IMO this is part of the reason HMP struggles - he isn't the one sub in the game with 4 starters he is often surrounded by other role players - and he fails to be a primary option instead of just a contributer.) I would love for IU to have the type of depth that any of the top 10 players could come in and be productive in any potential combination of those 10 players - but - this is clearly not the case. And even if the top 10 players were interchangeable Crean actually went to numbers 11 and 12 on that list. Evidently he does not think this is anything but a normal coaching move. He refuses to admit that this is a problem. This implies to me that he will continue to make similar decisions in the future (and potentially cost us games). As soon as I saw that line-up I started screamimng at the TV. I was not surprised at all when we gave up a 6-0 run in less than 90 seconds of play. It disturbs me that our Coach cannot foresee this result and in hindsight does not consider this to be an unnecessary and poor decision. We all saw Jeremy get benched this year for not having the proper "focus". When will Crean suspend himself for lacking basic common sense? I know he dug us out of the deepest hole and I try to remain positive, but, I see trends that are disturbing and his responses often make it worse and not better.

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