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It's National Signing Day for the Big Ten: Where are Your Recruits?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The day has finally come, it's national signing day in college football and the Indiana Hoosiers have a lot to be hyped about. Kevin Wilson is banking yet another strong class on top of his last two performances. As things currently stand, the Hoosiers have the 35th ranked class in the nation according to Assuming all of those guys ink their names to the roster today, that will be the highest ranked recruiting class in history for Indiana University.

Kevin Wilson will be signing 17 three star prospects and 2 four star prospects today to round out the highest average star class of his to date. As you may recall, last year's class had more four star prospects, but it wasn't nearly as deep as this year's class. In total, the Hoosiers are going to be signing a total of 23 guys that we know of for the 2014 class with an average star rating of 2.91.

Despite the flurry of commits in the last week, Indiana doesn't really expect to add any more guys to the fold today. There are a few floating out there that they're still in contact with, but it doesn't sound like Indiana is the favorite for any of them. Still you never know. Football recruiting is twice as insane as any basketball recruiting you have ever seen. We have players in the fold that have committed to three different schools and we lost one yesterday to Wake Forest. Things happen and I wouldn't be shocked to see something go askew.

If we're looking to compete in the Big Ten you have to be very happy with this class as well. Indiana comes in 7th overall in the conference recruiting rankings, but their average star count is higher than both Wisconsin and Nebraska. Both of those squad just happen to have more recruits in their class. Truly the conference recruiting breaks down to Ohio State clearly on top, then Penn State and Michigan State clumped together at 2-3, Michigan alone in 4th and Nebraska, Wisconsin and Indiana all close enough that it could be argued over who's class is actually better. Follow those three up with Iowa, Minnesota and Northwestern before you have both Illinois and Purdue clearly in the basement of the Big Ten recruiting power rankings.

Indiana's recruiting is clearly continuing it's rise, now we just need to see the results on the field. Kevin Wilson's squad is now fully his recruits. Can we get some bigger results on the field? Especially on defense? Wilson has made the changes to get that to happen this year. I don't know about you but I'm pretty amped to see their attempt at results.

Check back here periodically today as we'll be updating the official signings as they come in as well as covering any potential surprises that always tend to happen in college football.