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Adding More Writers: Please Welcome Ben Raphel

Patrick Smith

As you're all well aware of by now, TCQ is continuing its expansion of the staff. So I ask you all to please help me welcome Ben Raphel to the staff. Ben is currently going under the nomenclature of ben_in_dc, but that is going to change when our SBN corporate overlords can get back to us on adjusting his name.

Ben is a graduate student at Indiana University. He has lived most of his life on the east coast, but moved to Bloomington for school in 2012. Once he arrived, it didn’t take long for him to become a Hoosiers fan and immerse himself in IU athletics and history. Since he’s lived here, he’s been lucky enough to witness a national championship in soccer, a Big Ten title in basketball, and a College World Series berth for the baseball team. When he’s not writing or grading papers, you can probably find Ben watching a game at Nick’s or eating somewhere on 4th Street.

Ben will also help out with covering some more off-topic sports throughout the year. As you'll see by today we're going to start with abusing his personal relationships with the water polo team.