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Much Like the Team, Assembly Hall is Falling Apart: Game Postponed

Andy Lyons

Apparently the sky actually is falling in Assembly Hall and the game against Iowa has been postponed for the evening. A large part of the metal facing from the rafters apparently came crashing down today and the university engineers suggested postponing the game until the cause could be determined. Much like the team, the building is apparently breaking apart at the seams. Though information is still coming out it appears certain that Tom Crean will also be blamed for this.

Until then I guess we get more days to practice. So I guess that's something. I'd imagine the game will be moved forward to the Thursday two weeks from this, between Wisconsin on Tuesday and Ohio State on Sunday. That is a terrifying schedule, but truly it can't really make anything much worse. Still, what a perfect metaphor for how this season has gone. Someone upstairs truly does have a sense of humor.

Check out video of the metal beam falling: