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Indiana vs. Iowa: Full Homersota Preview

Full Homersota (adj): The act of completely favoring your team, regardless of prior performance or even logic. Coined by GoAUpher of Off-Tackle Empire.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The place: Assembly Hall, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

The teams: The "fill in your own insults about the state of Iowa, because none immediately came to my mind"s (aka the Iowa Hawkeyes), and your Indiana Hoosiers!

What's at stake: For Iowa, a potential run for the Big Ten Championship. For Indiana, pride. And maybe a dark, dark horse NCAA bid if this is a momentum building win. So pride.

What does Vegas say: Opened Iowa -3.5, is down to Iowa -3 a few places.

What does Herky say:




The current mood of IU fans right now, judging solely by the iubb hashtag: "Morbidly interested", with a few sparks of minor optimism

How important is this game on the usual scale: 9.5, because we may not have enough postseason games to worry about that will be bigger than this.

How important is this game in one word: VERY

Over/under number of nets Coach Crean would cut down if we won this game: All of the nets in Bloomington. ALL OF THEM.

My completely biased, barely researched analysis: Let's hope that whatever magic gave us wins over Michigan and Wisconsin is in the Hall and is in full effect. Otherwise, we're so, sooooo dead.

Reasonable score prediction: Iowa 80, Indiana 70

FULL HOMERSOTA prediction: Indiana 75, Iowa 73