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Introducing a New Writer

Joe Robbins

As many of you have likely noticed, there's a new deputy sheriff in town recently. We've brought on Kyle Swick (KickSewly) to fill us in mostly on baseball and football for the upcoming spring and summer. However, as many of you have already seen, he's much more capable than just that.

Kyle Swick, as he's known outside of the internet, was born and raised in central Indiana and graduated from Indiana University in 2011. Since then, he's been dying a slow death at the University of Miami School of Law, where he'll graduate this May. When he's not in school, Kyle enjoys drinking high gravity beer, attending any event where two teams attempt to collect points by moving a ball around, and quoting Archer.

As the years progressed, Kyle realized he talks more about baseball than anyone around him ever wants to hear about and is thankful for the opportunity to have an outlet for all his thoughts and analysis on the game. He loves to incorporate a sabermetric slant to his evaluations and has Fangraphs as his homepage (he highly recommends the glossary, where any amateur statistician who's anyone gets their start.) His favorite MLB team is the Pittsburgh Pirates and he's still treating last year's wildcard win over the Reds as some sort of bizarre, pseudo-World Series title and has mostly forgotten anything that happened after that.

Kyle is excited to join the team at TCQ and hopes to do his part in getting the readership excited for this season of college baseball. Granted, the lack of wooden bats is an abomination but it's still baseball, so it's all good. Follow him on twitter @KickSewly for up-to-the-minute opinions on IU athletics and pictures of his dog Guinness doing something super cute.

Please everyone join me in welcoming Kyle aboard.