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Hoosiers vs. Boilers Game Thread


In probably the least anticipated and most apathetic basketball bucket game since 2005, the Hoosiers and Boilers face off not for any significant reason other than this is currently who is on the schedule. It has truly felt very very strange this week. It doesn't help that Indiana had a short week with a game on Wednesday that they unceremoniously crapped the bed on, but even accounting for that, this just hasn't felt right.

Indiana thinks they're underachieving. Purdue thinks they're underachieving and neither squad's fans will be all that surprised if they go home with a loss. I get the feeling that everyone is just kind of looking towards the end of the season. Both Purdue and Indiana fans are very passionate about their teams. We've seen both groups stand behind their squads through thick and thin, but I don't think we've seen both squads game in and game out just look much less talented than they actually are. In a heart beat it feels like each team could suddenly be a fringe top 25 team if they just stop shooting themselves in the foot. Purdue with awful shot selection and Indiana with awful turnovers. Both squads tomorrow could just stop doing those things and they're completely different teams.

Alas, it isn't meant to be. Tonight will be an ugly no good, frantic mess. Purdue will go on runs only to shoot themselves out of a lead over the next few minutes. Indiana will look invincible only to pepper in a bevy of turnovers that allows Purdue to stay in the game. We've seen it all before and I think each fan base is dreading the fact that we'll likely see it again. In the only game that these two play this year, this is for all the bragging rights. To brag about what? I'm not sure. But bragging rights none the less. Go Hoosiers.