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Hanner Mosquera-Perea Arrested for OWI

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Adragna broke the news this morning after getting off the phone with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office that Hanner Perea had been arrested this morning at 4:15 am for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Obviously, that is going to cost him whatever minutes he was garnering as there is one thing we all know about Tom Crean, he has very little tolerance for conduct unbecoming of the university.

Perea is actually the first major IU athlete to have a run in with the law since a little over a year ago when IU closer Jonny Hoffman was arrested for marijuana. More recently Ty Smith, a football walk-on, was removed from the team before practice ever started for beating up another student. Finally, the Hoosiers lost Peter St. Fort in 2011 to a DUI and marijuana possession. That pretty well sums of the recent history of Indiana athletics and runs in with the law. Have to feel pretty good that IU has been able to keep so many young guys and gals in check.

Still, when it does happen it hurts. I know students get arrested for this dumb crap all the time, but athletes are supposed to be different. Fairly or unfairly they're held to a higher standard. Perea failed to maintain that standard and now he's likely to pay for it dearly, not only with the standard social consequences, but the basketball ones that come with it.