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Indiana Hoosiers: Absolutely Hopeless

Here's a picture of Paul George. Just so you're aware that somewhere in Indiana a good basketball team does indeed exist.
Here's a picture of Paul George. Just so you're aware that somewhere in Indiana a good basketball team does indeed exist.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I have a lot of words for that raging pile of crap we just laid, but I'm trying to remember that what goes on the internet tends to stay on the internet. I'm not going to provide an actual game recap. If you want that you can just got to every single comment section or traditional media outlet to get that. This is going to be a rant. One as controlled as I can possibly make it.

This is absolutely 100% unacceptable. This team is hot garbage with a bevy of talent. Seriously, I'm not going to talk any crap about youth or inexperience. That had nothing to do with the non-stop disasters that we've witnessed this year. I even want to try and blame this most recent egg on Tom Crean and I can't find where I actually feel he had a problem in this game. Maybe playing Evan Gordon too late. But shit, I don't know what else he's supposed to do. He can't inbound the ball. He can't make switches on defense. He can't make anyone run to the ball with any physicality. It's completely on the players to do this.

They're weak. Just mentally the most fragile thing I've seen since my 5 year old nephew wasn't allowed to have a pack of skittles. It's embarrassing. The Hoosiers didn't hit a field goal in the final 7 minutes of the game and there is no excuse for that. Garbage decision making and stupid, boneheaded, mind mindbogglingly bad turnovers. I could throw a seventh grade basketball squad out there and they would take better care of the ball. I guess I can take some solace in that some of the late turnovers were at least forced.

10 points in the final 10 minutes of the game is what you get when you stand there staring at your point guard for the first 20 seconds of the shot clock before you even start to move. I've learned the names of about 15 set plays for the Hoosiers in this conference season from hearing Tom Crean scream them on the sideline over and over for 15 seconds while 5 red/white jersey's look at each other clueless of where to be. It's time for Crean to condense the playbook to a 4th grade flex offense, because no one can seem to grasp with any consistency the bevy of plays he has. Everything just winds up being run, run, run, play falls apart because someone screws up their role and we're forced to ball screen and hope Yogi does something.

This team is just bad. No one of getting past it. It's not just one or two players either. It's the whole squad. Loads of talent, and seemingly no idea what they're doing. I guess that's what I'll put on Crean. He built this roster and ultimately he's responsible for it. It's devoid of shooters and any decent team can easily defend it. But that's not even a total excuse. You see the first 20 minutes of pretty much every game looking like a completely different team. But when a coach gets the opportunity to adjust at halftime this squad is lost. You mean they aren't just going to let me waltz to the rim all night? Now what? Guess I'll just toss it to this general vicinity and hope my teammate makes a play. Garbage. Mentally garbage.

It's embarrassing. This should be a borderline top 25 squad. Instead we're sitting in last place in the conference. My faith has wavered. It's hard to have faith in a team that has no faith in themselves. Tom Crean supposed to be one of the best at that. Guess I'm going to need a speech, Coach. Cause I'm over it.