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Indiana Basketball vs. Penn State: Game Thread

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I've kind of already assumed a win in this basketball. You think I'd know better by now. However, I can't get over the drastic differences in rebounding abilities between these two teams. Sure, Penn State has been doing a decent job of keeping up with a lot of teams, including going into Columbus and beating Ohio State, but I feel that was more a fluke than the norm. I don't know why I have this confidence. Northwestern should have taught me something. Perhaps I'll spend the next week getting ragged on by Penn State fans, but I've just got a feeling.

Anywho, Yogi and company will be looking to string together a big performance against the bottom of the conference. Lose today and the Hoosiers qualify as conference bottom feeders as well. Win and you can at least secure yourself a distance between the basement and the middle of the pack. The Hoosiers are fighting for their tournament lives. A victory here is a must. Pomeroy gives us a 76% chance. That sounds about right to me. Hopefully it does for our young squad as well. Stick around and see. Go Hoosiers.