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The Crimson Quarry: Help Wanted

Attention all aspiring writers or bored sports fans with a lot to say. As you may have noticed some posting here has become a bit inconsistent over the last few weeks. As I've hit my "tax season" at work, the time and brain capacity I've been able to contribute to this site has dwindled. Luckily we have some great writers that have been able to pick up some slack for me, but The Crimson Quarry is looking to add more.

The requirements would be for you to be able to provide two pieces of content a week, while meeting a deadline. As baseball season gears up and Indiana is a nationally relevant squad, it would be nice if you had some interest in the baseball scene as well as football and basketball. I understand that most of Indiana's fan base comes on the back of basketball, which is nice, but TCQ would like to hit harder on football and baseball as well.

The Indiana blogosphere is pretty void of baseball and football coverage and TCQ has the ability to fill that niche. I've spoken with IU's media in the past and with an extra writer or two who have a focus outside of basketball, there is a chance to gain media credentials for games. That does mean a spring and summer of strong writing is necessary to pull off, but that's why I'm looking for extra writers. With your help an increase in quality content means an increase in opportunities. If you think you're capable and up for the challenge shoot me an email at with a short paragraph of why you are interested. It would be nice if you could provide a writing sample as well, but it is not necessary.

As an aside, there is also a good chance that I can scare up some beer money for anyone that can provide quality and consistent content. It won't be much, but it'll be enough to buy a few six packs or a couple billion packages of ramen.