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Quick Reaction: Indiana 70, Nebraska 65

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The Hoosiers pick up a much needed win to start the B1G slate in Lincoln on New Year's Eve.

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Indiana survives a second-half surge from the Huskers and gets a win to start the B1G season. What did we learn?

1. Hanner Perea could be a highly-capable post player. If you're looking for an under-the-rader player of the game, it might be Perea. A couple of late buckets, including a sky hook from the La Lumiere alum, kept the Hoosiers in front and help put the game away. He finished with a double double (12 points and 10 boards) and that type of production could boost the Hoosiers easily into the top of the conference with game-in, game-out production from Perea in a Big Ten that is weak across the board on the frontline.

2. Yogi Ferrell doesn't have to score the ball to be effective. Indiana has scorers a-plenty. The team has been in need of a true point guard to distribute and force the tempo -- and that's exactly what Ferrell did tonight. He had 8 assists, and only 5 points -- but Indiana will need that kind of floor leadership from Yogi if they plan to contend at the top of the Big Ten.

3. Big Ten road wins are hard to come by. Nebraska's certainly struggled this year, but road wins in the Big Ten are road wins, especially for a team that had yet to play a game on an opposing court all year. It's starting the conference slate on the right foot -- and it's also a step in the right direction if the Hoosiers want to make some progress with the committee.


Tom Crean and Tim Miles almost fought, maybe, kinda.

aaaaaaaand Tom Crean hopes you have a Happy New Year.

The Hoosiers return to the court Monday in East Lansing.