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RATIONAL DISCUSSION: Should Noah Vonleh have stayed another year at Indiana?

The former Hoosier played his first game for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants after being sent to the D-League tonight.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter often doesn't allow for full, nuanced discourse of major issues concerning Indiana athletics. Facts take time to look up and stuff, and are often distracting. That's where we come in and do it FOR YOU. Welcome to RATIONAL DISCUSSION.

Noah Vonleh made his D-League debut tonight for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants! The D-League is a developmental league, and not the NBA. Because Noah Vonleh is not currently playing on an NBA roster, many Indiana fans feel that he would have been best served with another year in THE REAL STRUCTURE AND GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES PROVIDED AT AN UNDERGRADUATE INSTITUTION.

Maybe he should have! Maybe not! Time for some RATIONAL DISCUSSION:

Q1: Hey, don't you think Noah Vonleh should have stayed another year at Indiana?

AI: No, he should not have. He is making around 2.5 million dollars this year. That is a lot of money. Indiana is not allowed to pay players money, per NCAA rules.

Q2: But he's in the D-LEAGUE now! He's in the minor-leagues! They don't make that!

A2: D-League players that have been assigned by a NBA team are paid their full NBA Salary. His salary is around 2.5 million dollars this year, which is a lot of money.

Q3: But wouldn't he have benefited from the opportunity to grow as a player for another year at Indiana?

A3: Yes, much like he is growing as a player within the structure of the Charlotte Hornets organization -- where he does not have to deal with college things like classes. He is also given a salary of about 2.5 million dollars to grow as a player in Charlotte. 2.5 million dollars is a lot of money.

Q4: But what about the value of a college education! He could get cut! He's not prepared for LIFE AFTER BASKETBALL.

A4: NBA rookie contracts do feature a team option after two years. However, this is rarely not picked up on top-10 picks such as Vonleh. Still, he is guaranteed 5.1 million dollars at the very minimum for his two years in the NBA. Even if disaster strikes and he is somehow cut after the 2016 season, he will likely be picked up by another team that will pay him lots of money. If that does not workout, Indiana now allows athletes to come and finish their degree at any time. Basketball does not require a degree. Right now, he is being paid 2.5 million dollars this year to play basketball without a degree. 2.5 million dollars is a lot of money.

Q5: But college sports aren't about money!

A5: Yea, they are. They are about lots of money.

CONCLUSION: No, Noah Vonleh should not have stayed at Indiana another year because