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Pitt Panthers at Indiana Hoosiers GAMETHREAD

It's the B1G / ACC Challenge! It's a recognizable opponent in Assembly Hall! GET STOKED.

Chris Trotman/Getty Images


Who? Pittsburgh Panthers (4-2, #37 KenPom) at Indiana Hoosiers (5-1, #63 KenPom)

When? 7:00 PM, ESPN2

Vegas? INDIANA -3

Pomeroy? INDIANA by 2, 58% chance of victory



Four Factors
eFG% TO% OR% FT Rate
INDIANA (Offense) 59.7% (8th) 17.3% (60th) 35.9% (77th) 46.1% (60th)
PITTSBURGH (Defense) 44.0% (66th) 16.6% (309th) 34.2% (259th) 39.2% (211th)
eFG% TO% OR% FT Rate
INDIANA (Defense) 52.3% (266th) 19.6% (198th) 30.7% (154th) 24.1% (16th)
PITTSBURGH (Offense) 53.6% (52nd) 18.6% (112th) 39.7% (27th) 29.4% (292nd)

Rest of the game preview is right here.

I'll be in attendance for the first time this year, so AJ has you covered in post game. And I'm sure Robbins will be dropping piping hot takes over in Twitterland. Hopefully Victory Cigar Zander makes an appearance after this one, and that's totally gonna become a thing.

Also hope to see Assembly Hall hopping tonight, as I said in the preview:

Basically: this matchup has everything I look for in a basketball game, and I'm excited for it. I hope Assembly Hall is too. There was a time when Assembly Hall was a hostile nightmare for opposing teams in terms of atmosphere but this year attendance has been fairly meh and the atmosphere, in my opinion, losing a little of its luster. Granted, this is certainly a byproduct of a weak November schedule and brewing discontent following a bizarre and tragic offseason, but hopefully the fans can shake that off and come out Tuesday night in midseason form. Treating every opponent like they are top-ranked Michigan is what makes going to Assembly Hall so special.