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College Gameday is coming to a Big Ten city? BUT I THOUGHT ESPN WAS SEC BIASED

Urban Meyer: SEC Sleeper Agent?
Urban Meyer: SEC Sleeper Agent?
Justin K. Aller

Penn State (-6) at Indiana

Ben: Penn state wins by two touchdowns. It gets worse when fans gently remind us that the Nittany Lions beat us in Assembly Hall last year too.

Kyle: PENN STATE: ugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh

C4B: Penn State: I've officially given up hope that IU's gonna turn it around. All that matters now is Tevin racking up yards.

Consensus: Nittany Lions, 3-0 (Sad face)

Wisconsin (-17) at Purdue

Ben: Wisconsin rolls, saving us the potential double-gut-punch in three weeks of Purdue both winning the Bucket and clinching a bowl bid.

Kyle: WISKY: Does Vegas just not remember what Wisconsin does to bad B1G teams?

C4B: Sconnie: LOL@Purdue

Consensus: Badgers, 3-0

Minnesota (even) vs. Iowa

Ben: Iowa. My favorite part of this game is that these two teams play for a trophy of a pig (Floyd of Rosedale).

Kyle: MINNY: Minnesota got beat by Illinois, which will typically invalidate your entire season, but I'm gonna pick them against the Hawkeyes anyway.

C4B: Iowa: Not convinced either of these teams are actually that good, but I'm more sure Iowa is.

Consensus: Hawkeyes, 2-1

Michigan (-2) at Northwestern

Ben: Northwestern. Gonna channel my inner Jeremy Hill and say that the Wolverines weren't very good last week.

Kyle: NW: The Wolverines had their night at the ball with the Hoosiers in town, time to turn back into a pumpkin. The rotted kind that your neighbor leaves on their stoop until Thanksgiving.

C4B: NW: We're pretty much the only team in conference I wouldn't take plus points against Michigan right now.

Consensus: Wildcats, 3-0

Michigan State (-3.5) vs Ohio State

Ben: THE Ohio State University. Urban Meyer reveals afterwards that he is a double agent for the SEC, as the Buckeyes end any chance of the B1G getting a college football playoff berth.

Kyle: MSU: Do the right thing, Buckeyes. The B1G needs this.

C4B: Sparty: /disgonnabegood.gif

Consensus: Spartans, 2-1