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Former Manager Really Really Hates Tom Crean

We found the kid that called the Tom Crean Show and asked why he has a job. Because Gary Parrish interviewed him today about working under Tom Crean as a manager.

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wait WHAT

This is, well, fun. From Gary Parrish's article on Crean today:

"I was a manager under Crean for the 2012-13 season," Tyler Devitte told me Tuesday. "I can confirm the disconnect started that season. ... Tom's words seemed to go in one ear and out the other with the younger guys."

Those "younger guys" are now the juniors (Ferrell, Mosquera-Perea) or players who are no longer with the program for one reason or another (Remy Abell, Austin Etherington, Peter Jurkin, Jeremy Hollowell), and Devitte painted a picture of them privately questioning everything from strategy to substitution patterns. In fairness to Crean, there's nothing too unique about young players questioning their coach. But Devitte's main point was that Crean, for all intents and purposes, lost those young players that season, and, as other sources explained similarly, he was never able to reconnect with them.

Devitte left the program after that 2012-13 season. Still, he was, like all managers are, very much a part of the program that season, working side-by-side with the staff for countless hours, hanging behind closed doors with the players day after day. His lasting memory, he said, is this: "Crean never learned my name and always called me 'Detlef Schrempf' or 'Hey You' despite me telling him my name is 'Tyler' over and over again. I'd run errands to his house, drop off his kid, Riley, and he still wouldn't make an effort to learn my name."

Of course, since this is 2014 -- I searched the kid on twitter.

and SCENE.

So, yeah, take that report with a grain of salt.

The dude also seems to work for a radio station in Jacksonville, Florida, which just adds to the weird.

(UPDATE: Devitte has since deleted that tweet.)