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LEGALESE: Could Tom Crean Be Terminated For Cause?

During a long rant about Indiana basketball, Dan Dakich floated the idea of taking a long look at Tom Crean's contract to see if he could be fired for cause after all these incidents in the past year. SO WE DID.

Ben Woloszyn-USA TODAY Sports

First, we're not taking a stance on this issue. In no way, shape, or form is this post a reflection on our opinion on whether or not Tom Crean should be terminated. But, since Dakich mentioned it today, many of you have asked: Is there a provision in Tom Crean's contract that specifically holds him liable for the off-the-court behavior of his players?

The answer? Well, at best, maybe. From Article 6.02, Section B5 of Crean's contract on termination for cause:

"Any conduct, including acts or omission, of the Employee which are prejudicial to the University or Athletics Department or which materially violates the University's stated mission or which conduct materially and adversely upon the University or its athletic program."

He can also be terminated for not performing one of his specific duties listed in his contract under article 2.01, section "n". Here's the language that might be most applicable here:

"Maintain discipline in the men's basketball program and be fair and protective of the student-athletes while motivating them."

Would that be language in and of itself be enough to terminate for cause? Eh, it's far from a slam dunk. There's certainly nothing explicit in the contract that details off-the-court, non-NCAA related behavior violations and it'd be a safe bet that any attempt by Indiana terminate Crean on these grounds without paying him a buyout would be long, painful, and litigious.

We'll keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't come to this for anyone involved.