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Devin Davis Accident Report

We now have context to Saturday morning's accident. Read BPD's account of the events here.

Michael Hickey

We've obtained a copy of the police report from the accident that occurred when Emmitt Holt struck Devin Davis with his vehicle. Because of the nature of the report, it contains plenty of information that isn't really relevant while also somewhat personal (names, addresses, insurance information, VINs, etc.) but we are going to show you the "Narrative" section of the report, in which the responding officer takes all the information gathered and sums it up neatly into a few paragraphs.

It probably goes without saying that the "pedestrian" described in this report is Devin Davis. His injuries are described as "incapacitating" and following the narrative is a diagram of where the damage was done on the vehicle, which paints a pretty ugly picture as well.

One last note: Holt's BAC was apparently taken via blood test and not a breathalyzer.



Again, we hope for a speedy and full recovery for Devin.