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Dan Dakich: "Indiana basketball stands for nothing."

Former Indiana player / coach turned radio personality Dan Dakich took to the airwaves to lambast the program for what he sees as a systemic failure of the leadership up and down the program.


Things are getting interesting down in Bloomington.

Dakich didn't hold back today. He took on the players, he took on the coaches, and the administration for the multiple alcohol-related incidents and arrests that have occurred over the ten months. IF YOU NEEDED A RECAP:

February 14, 2014 -- Hanner Perea arrested for DUI. Perea was picked up in the early morning hours on a Friday near after striking a curb near Atwater & Dunn with a BAC above .15. Perea was suspended for two games, and was sentenced to a year of probation and community service hours

April 25 - Ferrell & Robinson arrested for underage drinking, fake IDs. Yogi & Stan were issued summons by undercover excise officers but not taken into custody outside Kilroy's Sports in Bloomington on Little 500 Weekend. At the time, Ferrell was only days away from his 21st birthday. Robinson was 18.

Saturday - Devin Davis seriously injured by Emmitt Holt in pedestrian-vehicle accident. Moments after being dropped off by the same vehicle, Davis was struck by a car driven by freshman teammate Emmitt Holt near Memorial Stadium. Holt registered a BAC of .025 and was cited for underage drinking and operating a vehicle with a blood-alcohol content above .02.* Davis reportedly suffered a head injury, was knocked unconcious, and taken to IU Health Bloomington Hospital in serious condition. Since that time, Dr. Larry Rink and Davis' family have indicated Devin is improving, has all use and function of his extremities, and is talking. It has been reported that he will make a full recovery from his injuries.

*NOTE: This is not a DUI arrest and can be more likened to a traffic citation. Holt was deemed not intoxicated by Bloomington Police at the scene of the accident.

Dakich continually maintained that he doesn't have a problem with partying, but he has a serious problem with the timing. Yes, college basketball players drink, why are you drinking the night before a scrimmage? I was as unperturbed about Holt's BAC at the time of the accident as just about anyone else but this point struck a chord with me. Yes, it was Halloween, but you know you've got team responsibilities the next day.

Dakich firmly believes actions like this show that the players "don't give a rat's ass about the program" and came down on Indiana fans who stand up for them in spite of that. While I don't know the minds and hearts of the players on the roster, Dakich has essentially made blunt the same point Gregg Doyel said in his article yesterday: if you do respect and love this program, it's time to start acting like it.

I have a feeling this isn't over. We'll keep you posted.