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Alex Goodlett

Six games, twelve teams in action this weekend, meaning it's time for the SEMINOLE-CENTRIC CARNAGE REPORT.

  • Indiana got walloped by Michigan despite Michigan being bad. Michigan would probably be much better if they had a coach as good as Jimbo Fisher, who would provide a steadying presence to his players with his calm demeanor and knowledge of the facts.
  • Northwestern's beautiful B1G division championship hopes have wilted horribly in recent weeks and Iowa set the dead flower on fire, winning 48 - 7. Their quarterback, however, didn't perform nearly as well as, say, Jameis Winston would have performed. Who does Jake Rudock think he is? Because he's not better than Jameis.
  • Maryland beat Penn State by a point and didn't shake their hands prior to the game. That's pretty bad sportsmanship, it's not like this was a rivalry game like FSU - Miami, or FSU - Florida, or FSU - Clemson. (FSU won all of these recently, btw)
  • Rutgers died. Imagine what the Noles would do to these guys!
  • Purdue started out plucky, but were eventually overwhelmed by a superior Nebraska team. Not unlike the Noles' virtuoso performance on Thursday night against Louisville. Another game that FSU won.
  • Ohio State destroyed Illinois to keep a faint hope at ending up in the Top 4 of the CFP rankings alive. Other teams currently in the Top 4 include Florida State.

B1G in CFP?

Michigan State: Despite prognostications the MSU belonged in the Top 4, they found themselves all the way down at 8 in the inaugural CFP Rankings. That's not ideal for the Spartans, but the mid-table placements of Ohio State and Nebraska will give MSU two more shots at big-time wins (assuming the Huskers return to the B1GCG). Couple that with the overload of SEC West teams who have yet to play each other at the top and there will be quite a bit of jockeying left to be done. I maintain that, if MSU wins out, they'll be in the Top 4. A loss by Oregon would be helpful as well, since the committee does consider head-to-head results. If it's down to the Spartans or the Ducks for the last spot, MSU is in trouble.

Nebraska / Ohio State: both are massive long shots at 15 / 16, but a total collapse at the top isn't impossible. If one of these guys is the B1G Champ, things could get interesting.

B1G Bowl Tears

Tier 1: Michigan State* (CFP), Ohio State*

Tier 2: Nebraska*, Minnesota*, Wisconsin*

Tier 3: Iowa*, Maryland*

Tier 4: Penn State, Rutgers

Won't Have to Lose a Bowl Game: Michigan, Northwestern, Indiana, Purdue, Illinois

I was THIS close to putting Michigan back in Tier 4, but it's going to come down to their game against Maryland, who I think is playing some pretty good football as of late. Penn State is hanging on by a thread, but that thread is made up of Indiana and Temple, so they're probably safe. Rutgers gets a huge break with Indiana at home and thoroughly unable to score points with their dire QB situation, meaning they'll likely back into a sixth win despite a likely 2-6 conference record. Maryland has a decent chance to end their inaugural B1G season with 8 wins, not bad for a team many didn't pick to make a bowl this year. Nebraska could be heading into Tier 1, or maybe even beyond, assuming they can finish 11-1 and get a shot to win the B1GCG, but how long will they be without Ameer Abdullah? Ohio State and Michigan State will be playing in East Lansing this weekend, that's a pretty big game, you know.

MICHIGAN STATE: CFP Semi-Final against Florida State

OHIO STATE: Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame

NEBRASKA: Citrus Bowl against Ole Miss

MINNESOTA: Holiday Bowl against Arizona State

WISCONSIN: Outback Bowl against Mizzou

IOWA: Taxslayer Bowl against Mizzou

MARYLAND: San Francisco Bowl against Arizona

PENN STATE: Pinstripe Bowl against Miami

RUTGERS: Heart of Dallas Bowl against Rice