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Gameday Thread: Indiana vs. Eastern Washington

Hoosiers face a different sort of test in game number 5 against Eastern Washington

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Hoosiers face off with a different sort of challenge than previous games with Eastern Washington coming to town. Through 4 games we've seen slashers and strong post games, but tonight is the first night we'll see a team that has 3+ guys on the court at any given time that can hit the three ball.

Today will go a long way to telling us what sort of team this Indiana squad can be defensively. The Hoosiers can't leave guys open on the perimeter or we'll be in a hole very very quickly. If IU can lock down the perimeter there shouldn't be a ton of other challenges for us. This E. Washington team doesn't have a lot of slashers and rarely gets to the line. Meaning the Hoosiers should run at everything from the distance.

On offense, I don't have nearly the concern for the Hoosiers. They'll get their buckets one way or the other. So stick around and check out the game. See if we'll be feeling great about this squad in the morning or asking a lot of questions like after Lamar.