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Hoosiers Get AP and Coaches Poll Votes

After a year almost completely out of the voting public's mind, the Hoosiers are now at least on their way back into both coach and media top 25s.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

I don't recall if it ever happened last year, but if it did it didn't last beyond the first week of the season. So after a year of sitting outside of the AP and Coaches' polls top 25 votes, the Hoosiers are at least back within striking distance of finding themselves back in the rankings. Indiana received 5 points in the coaches poll and 6 points in the AP Poll. That's not a lot but it is a start.

I haven't looked at the individual polls to see who in the media ranked the Hoosiers, but likely it came from multiple writers ranking the Hoosiers 24th or 25th after defeating former top 25 opponent SMU. As for the coaches poll, we will never know where the votes came from. What we can be pretty certain of, is the fact that if Indiana can continue to take care of business for the next two weeks, then we're likely looking at a top 25 Indiana versus a top 10 Louisville in Madison Square Garden on December 8th.

See the below links for the full coaches and AP polls.