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Ohio State 42, Indiana 27: Three Things

Indiana had Ohio State on the ropes, until Jalin Marshall did a lot of points late.

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Indiana had Ohio State on the ropes for the better part of four quarters, before a handful of late Jalin Marshall touchdowns. Here's three things we learned.

1. Ohio State has no business anywhere near the College Football Playoff. Not now. Not ever. Indiana had no business being in this game, ever. The F/+ projections had Ohio State favored SIXTY-NINE TO NOTHING. Half of Indiana's quarterbacks have died since spring ball, and paired with the youth at other offensive skill positions, Zander Diamont has struggled to move the ball all season. That wasn't the case today and I have no idea why. But the credibility gained from Urban Meyer's win in East Lansing is now all but gone from the 'Shoe.

2. Tevin Coleman is Indiana's best back, ever. Tevin Coleman broke Indiana's all-time single season rushing record on this 3rd quarter, 90-yard run that put the Hoosiers up 20-13 and had the nation flipping to BTN. Despite splitting carries with D'Angelo Roberts & Devine Redding, Coleman has 1,909 yards on the season heading into the final matchup of the year against Purdue next week. He'll look to break the 2,000 yard barrier and take the Big Ten rushing title from Melvin Gordonand then very possibly turn his attention to preparing for the NFL Combine.

3. Indiana's defense is making big strides under Brian Knorr. This Ohio State offense was supposed to be one of the nation's best, an offensive juggernaut that was going to play basketball-on-grass against lowly Indiana. Despite giving up a pair of late touchdowns, Knorr's defense held strong all day, picking up 3-and-outs when needed and giving the stagnant-at-times offense a chance to keep Indiana in the ball game. Antonio Allen led the way for the defense, with two JT Barrett interceptions in the first half of play alone.

Indiana moves to 3-8 on the year with Purdue up next week. Ohio State is 10-1 and should never be mentioned in conjunction with the College Football Playoff ever again.

I'm sorry. I'm angry.