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The football Hoosiers are going to Columbus to play Ohio State while the basketball Hoosiers are staying home to play the Lamar Cardinals. DISCUSS THINGS WITH US HERE.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana will likely take part in two blowouts today, one good and one bad. The football team is fulfilling their contractual obligation to the Big Ten by heading out to Columbus and trying to avoid painful, humiliating death at the hands of Urban Meyer and an Ohio State squad that is on the College Football Playoff warpath. Meanwhile, the basketball team likely paid Lamar University a handsome sum to come on out to Bloomington in late-November to get curb-stomped by a Hoosiers squad that is coming off a big win over SMU, a team that beat Lamar by nearly 40.

Given that OVERPOPULATION OF GAMETHREADS hasn't been a real problem here recently, we'll use the OSU gamethread as our basketball gamethread later tonight. In between games, use it to share recipes or anecdotes about life and love. Togetherness, yo.

SHOULD THE NEED ARISE for a second gamethread, I'll fire one up for y'all.