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TCQ Welcomes a New Writer

But we're still looking for more!

To help pick up the slack on basketball recruiting, we've hired Indiana graduate David Siegel, who will be penning his pieces under his SBN handle @dsiegel. So give him a big ol' welcome or whatever.

David is an Indiana University alum originally from the Chicago suburbs. He grew up with the 90's Bulls and then quickly learned in the post-Jordan era that his sports fandom had probably peaked by the age of 10. He graduated from IU in 2012, and will always remember where he was for The Wat Shot. Now out in New York City, he continues to live and die with the Hoosiers from halfway across the country.

Look for his first posts next week when our 2015 guys officially sign their LOIs.

We're not done hiring, though, so if you want to be just like David (particularly if you have an interest in football recruiting), don't wait! We need you.