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The B1G's hopes of landing a team in the inaugural college football playoff have taken a massive hit with Michigan State being unable to hold serve at home against the Buckeyes. MEANWHILE: WHO GETS THE QUICK LANE BID?

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Five games, ten teams. CARNAGE REPORT:

  • Minnesota treated Iowa like Wisconsin treats Indiana and took home a large bronze pig for their efforts. The Floyd of Rosedale remains one of the better trophies that is annually played for in the country. How do you ensure it is the best ever? Two words: real pig. That's how they did it back in the 1930s, why change?
  • Indiana played Penn State in a game that occurred!
  • Wisconsin beat Purdue by much less than I anticipated and I think the Boilermakers should be proud of that. We can't all be "real" winners, so think of different ways you can win and just be happy with who you are, Purdue.
  • Michigan "beat" Northwestern in a game that could have easily been mistaken for a rerun of the Indiana / Penn State affair that had just wrapped up moments before kickoff. The four teams scored 39 points combined, or as I like to put it, four less than Minnesota racked up against Iowa in the first half by themselves.
  • Ohio State went into East Lansing and kicked Sparty's teeth in. It was probably the most shocking result I can recall in a long time. It's not that OSU won, it's that MSU never really looked all that good. They got about every break imaginable in the first half and were still down a touchdown going into halftime. That's insane.

B1G in the CFP?

Ohio State: The Buckeyes have, at best, switched places with Michigan State who now has no shot at the CFP. Unfortunately, even if OSU were to win out, their one loss is laughably worse than the Spartans' blemish of losing to Oregon in Eugene. Watching the Buckeyes get whipped by Virginia Tech had to be awful for OSU fans when it happened but knowing what that game means now? Gut punch. The Buckeyes will have to beat Nebraska in Indy to even have consideration, but barring some more help from teams at the top, the Buckeyes' win against the Spartans likely just means no B1G teams get in.

Nebraska: Nebraska could be a possibility if they win out as well, as a 12-1 conference champ seems to be worthy without looking at the schedule. Unfortunately, their best win is over Miami back in September. A date with Wisconsin in Madison next week won't be easy, but could boost them to within striking distance. But, as with OSU, they'll need some help from the top.


Tier 1: Michigan State*, Ohio State*

Tier 2: Nebraska*, Minnesota*, Wisconsin*

Tier 3: Maryland*, Iowa*

Tier 4: Penn State, Rutgers

Won't Have to Lose a Bowl Game: Michigan, Northwestern, Indiana, Purdue, Illinois

No teams gained bowl eligibility this week. Michigan only needs a win over Maryland in the Big House to gain bowl eligibility but they looked pretty daggone awful against Northwestern, who I was chided for never projecting to a bowl even after their win over Wisconsin, at six losses and a game at Notre Dame coming up, it's over for the Wildcats. Michigan State and Ohio State will have two very nice New Year's games to play in, I'm sure they're thrilled. Minnesota has a veritable gauntlet to end the year, with a home date against the Buckeyes before two roadies in Lincoln and Madison to end the year, win any one of those and it will be a tremendous year. It'd be a shame to see such a good season end at 7-5. Rutgers has to beat Indiana or else win a road game against two better teams to be bowl-eligible. They've been at five wins for roughly eight months. Iowa will probably get a better bowl than they deserve thanks to the B1G struggling to fill their spots and the same could be said for Penn State.

MICHIGAN STATE: Cotton Bowl against TCU

OHIO STATE: Fiesta Bowl against Arizona State

NEBRASKA: Citrus Bowl against Ole Miss

MINNESOTA: Holiday Bowl against Arizona

WISCONSIN: Outback Bowl against LSU

MARYLAND: San Francisco Bowl against USC

IOWA: Taxslayer Bowl against Mizzou

PENN STATE: Pinstripe Bowl against Boston College

RUTGERS: Heart of Dallas Bowl against Rice