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Hoosiers at Wolverines: GAMETHREAD

Can Indiana win in the Big House? Will the Wolverines rally now that their AD has been fired? Has that ever actually happened?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The game is taking a bit of a backseat to basketball today, but not for the typical reasons.

Devin Davis remains hospitalized after being struck by teammate Emmitt Holt. He is expected to make a full recovery at this time and we know he's being treated for a head injury, the extent of that injury or any others is not currently known.

We wish a speedy and complete recovery for Devin Davis, and let us not forget that Emmitt Holt deserves our thoughts and support as well, it seems a lot of mistakes were made that night and Devin is paying the higher price, but Emmitt's emotional well-being can't be too great right now, either.

But on the football side of things, the Hoosiers are looking to break the hex in the Big House and capture their first win at Michigan Stadium since the end of the Roman Empire. This is about as bad a team as you'll see in Michigan, so hopefully Zander Diamont has some magic in him.