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Devin Davis In Serious Condition After Car Accident

The sophomore forward was struck by the car of freshman teammate Emmitt Holt.

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Duane Burleson

Oh no. This isn't good:

Davis is reported to be in serious condition, and Holt, who had a 0.02 BAC at the time of the injury, was cited for illegal consumption, according to Osterman. We'll have more as this story develops, but obviously our thoughts are with Davis at this time, and this is very troubling news only a couple weeks before the season is supposed to start.

UPDATE: The scrimmage that was scheduled to take place at Assembly Hall today has been canceled.

UPDATE (11:50 AM): Davis is expected to make a full recovery.

UPDATE (12:15 PM): According to BPD, Devin Davis was found unconscious at the scene. Davis, apparently, reentered the roadway after exiting the vehicle when he was struck by Holt who had just turned onto 17th Street. He was taken to the hospital to be treated for a head wound, but neither the extent of the head injury or information about any other injuries is known at this time.