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EXPLAINER: Should I tweet at recruits?

JaQuan Lyle will attend IMG Academy rather than Oregon in the fall. Should you tweet at him and tell him to come to Indiana? AN EXPLAINER.


Minutes ago, ND Kendrick reported this:

Lyle, an Evansville native that spent last year at Huntington Prep, had signed and planned to enroll at Oregon, as is indicated on his twitter bio. He confirmed this with a well-emoji-ed tweet.

For now, Lyle will attend IMG Academy. This is not a collegiate institution. This means, in theory, he could attend another collegiate institution that is not the University of Oregon at some point. Since he is from Indiana, you may be thinking that this COULD be Indiana. Since this is a difficult period of transition for a teenage boy, you may be thinking that if you tweet at him like these folks have done, you may be able to sway his decision in favor of your team:

Are you too having this internal debate? No worries! We're here to help with AN EXPLAINER:


Jaquan Lyle MIGHT go to Indiana! Should I tweet at Jaquan Lyle?

No. You should not tweet at JaQuan Lyle. He will, most likely, not go to Indiana.

What about other recruits? Should I tweet at them and tell them to come to Indiana?

You should never tweet at recruits, ever.

What about recruits that commit to other schools? Should I tweet at them at question their integrity and character?

No, unless you are a Ohio State football/Kentucky basketball fan. If so, please see below template.

tweet at recruits

What about other social medias, like Facebook?

No, unless above reasons. See below as a guide.


So, there are no circumstances where I should tweet at a recruit, correct?


Are you sure?

Yes. Don't tweet at recruits. Don't tweet at JaQuan Lyle. Don't tweet at any recruits, ever.