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Victor Oladipo Sprains MCL

Beloved Hoosier-turned-Magician Victor Oladipo sprained his MCL during a scrimmage.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

According to multiple news outlets, Victor Oladipo came down awkwardly on a play at the rim on Friday, spraining his MCL. According to an interview with the team's website, Oladipo originally thought the injury was to his ankle and continued to play in the scrimmage. Only after waking up the next day did he begin to feel discomfort in his knee.

His coach is also not deeply concerned about the injury, noting that a timeline is difficult to ascertain due to the variability of recovery from individual to individual. Like Victor, coach Jacque Vaughn was encouraged that he was able to finish the practice in which he suffered the injury.

An MRI revealed nothing more than a sprain, and Oladipo is expected to miss the Magic's preseason opener, at least. But there doesn't seem to be any reason to believe he'll miss any regular season action on account of the injury.

Y'all remember when he did this?